Smokey Jazz

A prohibition era
Speakeasy concert
just for you

Champagne! Oysters! Caviar! All senses will be stimulated. So demands the King who choses to spoil his guests with sweet and savory treats, prestigious wines, frothy ales and lavish gifts. The best musicians of the land have been summed to perform titillating classical music live in the grandeur of Versailles for your pleasure. With a plethora of arts available such as opera, ballet, pantomime, magic and poetry; the King provides all the pleasures of life.

On such an extraordinary night, dreams can become a reality for you and your guests. Such as being pampered and dressed by courtesans, or to soak in hot water and be swept away into a dream by gold-painted harp girls in the bath house, venture to discover Antoinette’s boudoir or investigate the screams of the scoundrels in the dungeons of Marquis de Sade.

Do you accept the King’s invitation to his celebration your excellency? Let us know today so that we can dispatch our couriers.