Murder Role Playing

There has been a murder
and you must prove
your innocence

You are invited to a curious dinner party where mystery and intrigue are on the menu. Arriving to an exquisite mansion as the sun is setting, you meet the other guests with varied histories and backgrounds. During an excellent three course dinner, the lights go out and a horrid scream is heard throughout the manor. You all rush to the origin of the scream and discover a guest was murdered. Everyone is now a suspect as the police investigators arrive and as they begin to investigate the murder you are confied to this manor with a murderer in your midst. Who can you trust? Who has blood on their hands?

The Theatrum Vitae team are specialists at arranging these sorts of unique interactive experiences, over an excellent meal and with an amazing decor and design to the evening. You can choose between scripted where each of your guests must play a role, or a fully interactive mystery where only details character backgrounds and confidential information are shared with your guests. How the investigation unravels depends on you all interact with the investigators and what choices the guests make, creating unique outcomes every time. 

We are happy to customise the murder, story, and backgrounds of guests for this experience to your unique tastes and liking so get in contact today with our team. We look forward to organising your murderous adventure.