“Those who enter here shall leave
themselves behind”

Theatrum Vitae (Theaters of Life) are absurdist immersive theatrical experiences that have been curated by the team behind Private Mansions & Tenclub. We propose experiences that empower you and your guests to play, investigate, be curious, have beautiful encounters, playful connections, and create memorable experiences together.

We curate spaces that provide the safety, the wonder and the beauty to teach, learn and investigate being Human; this is the purpose of Theatrum Vitae, and you can combine any experience with rental of a Private Mansion, an exquisite pairing of location and experience, which can also be uniquely tailored to your tastes and wishes. Our aim is to always expertly blend elements of grace and gorgeous aesthetics, with authentic wonder and the rush of experiencing the unexpected. You can give the memory of a lifetime to someone you love, through the diverse offering of spectacular experiences by us or something of your own design. Welcome to our Theatre of Life.

Below you will find a small selection of our repertoire of experiences, do not hesitate to click on these to explore more about the concepts. If these inspire your imagination or you have something particular in mind to manifest, get in touch today with our team for a free consultation and detailed quote by filling in this form or emailing us.

Passionate night in Havana in 1959

Discover your ‘alma Cubana’ – enjoy the smoke of authentic hand-rolled cigars, drink delicious and unique signature mojitos, make an offering to the orisha spirits, play domino as if your life depended on it, dance together to pure latin tunes and flirt with this passionate lifestyle.

Make your imagination come alive

Prohibition era Speakeasy concert

Restoring the authentic feel of a smokey jazz club from a bygone era. A warm-hearted salon opens its doors to the crème de la crème of underground jazz, come along for the ride and experience a night unlike no other where the ‘known’ meets the unexpected.

Burlesque performance in a smokey jazz bar

Experience authentic burlesque tat is nothing short of an art form. Performers both male and female combine the most explosive aspects of costumery, dance, comedy and theater in a type of live entertainment that places nudity on a pedestal.intimate performances, extravagant encounters with Burlesque diva’s being openly flirtatious.

Role playing murder investigation games

You enter a beautiful manor with people you never met before, the fireplace is roaring and tensions can be felt lingering in the air. The lights go out, a horrid scream is heard. When you all rush to the origin you come across a murder scene and everyone is a suspect, as the police investigators to begin the process of finding out who committed the crime.

Make your imagination come alive

Louis XIV birthday at Versailles

Champagne! Oysters! Cupcakes! All senses will be stimulated. The King spoils his guests with sweet and savory treats, fizzling wines, frothy ales and beautiful mixes. Whatever you wish for, to keep the lips and throats wet all night long, as you enjoy a cacophony of titillating classical music live in the grandeur of Versailles

homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto