Hidden Church

Amstel 98

This one of a kind relic is a 17th Century chapel is located right opposite the Opera House, offering a realm of quiet divinity in the middle of Amsterdam. Swigtershofje is one of the smallest of Amsterdam’s courtyards, discreetly located between Amstel and Rembrandt Square. Founded in 1744 and restored in 1979, it is a unique space for a perfect getaway for two right next to some of the city’s best cultural offerings and most beautiful canals. The interior is decorated in rococo and the plaster ceiling and both sides of the Eye of God hover above the altar’s frolicking cherubs. 

We are honoured to be able to offer this unique location for photo and video productions. Please contact us about the possibilities at this marvelous property.


“To love Oneself
is the Beginning
of a Lifelong

— William Blake