A hidden gem
in the scenic Algarve


Pedralva, Portugal //

Discover Private Mansion’s hidden gem: our newest location, the TenClub estate, nestled in the scenic Algarve near Pedralva, Portugal. Just an hour’s drive from Faro, this retreat is located in a breathtaking nature reserve, a stone’s throw from the Atlantic coast.

Until March, TenClub offers an exclusive opportunity for the Curious to stay at this beautiful estate at a very reduced rate, in exchange for your valuable reviews.

This estate is the perfect place for a retreat. With no internet, limited cell phone coverage, and free from the distractions of TV, it’s an idyllic place to slow down and rediscover yourself. Do you need time for yourself, a writers’ retreat, or simply a moment of peace? Then book now to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

The costs are just €200,- per week. Don’t let this pass you by and book now.

A Hidden Gem in the Scenic Algarve of Portugal

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We invite you to this hidden gem located in a breathtaking nature reserve, just an hour’s drive from Faro.

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“To love Oneself
is the Beginning
of a Lifelong

— William Blake