In 1908, Nico Mayer applied for a building permit for the now, Mayor Manor, the property was converted into a tobacco firm, which went on to be of the biggest tobacco traders in Amsterdam. Today, we dedicate our library to Nico Mayer, Lined with a hand picked library and exotic botanical pieces from across the globe, the Nico Mayer hall is perfect for formal and informal gatherings

Reception Capacity: 30 guests

Area Space: 42m2

The Monster Zaal is the achilles heel to all guests of Mayor Manor. A 4 meter glass roof top looks down onto the main hall of the Mayor Manor Mansion. At the centerpiece is a custom designed marble and steel dining table adorns the banqueting hall placed upon the dark wood floors, flanked above it, an antique copper candle chandelier. A full steel DJ booth hangs in midair. A ceramic fireplace centers the hall accompanied by a grand piano and large cinema screen.

Reception Capacity: 45 guests

Area Space: 48m2

The Stone Kitchen carved out of metamorphic rock and completed with the raw, aged wood cabinetry, includes a hand carved marble sink with copper swan vaults.

THE Penthouse Suite is elegant and distinctive. Sleep in front of the Fireplace after a copper Bath submersion and the sound of records. The space is adored by photographers and our sleep over guests.

sleepover CAPACITY 2 guests / SOIREE CAPACITY 15 persons

Area Space: 35m2

Cigar Lounge Enjoy the plush comfort of a sterling scotch beside the fireplace in an elegant Cigar Lounge. Situated on the second floor of the Mayor Manor, the intimate setting is perfect for intimate receptions for up to 10 guests

Area Space: 15m2

The Subterranean Cellar From the Nico Mayer room, Follow the steel steps to the subterranean cellar Where you find a state the art sound system, cinema screen, DJ booth and equipment as well as atmospheric lighting. Listen to your own private DJ set or take a more classical approach and have a candlelit dinner cinematic dinner.

Reception Capacity: 60 Guests

Cinema Capacity: 35 Guests

Area Space: 38m2

Spiritual Retreat The location on which Mayor Manor resides was once home to St. Mary Monastery in 1417. The Monastery was a women’s convent of the Third Order of the Franciscans.To this day, remnants of the foundations and cemetery of the monastery can be seen. The space has now been converted into the Spiritual Retreat which has become a sacred place of tribute to the burial grounds. Take a vow of silence, meditate and be at one of our spiritual gatherings and ceremonies

Spiritual Capacity: 25 Guests

Area Space: 30m2