Private mansions refer to a small collection of extraordinary places purveying thought provoking cultural and inspirational events.

In 2013 we became open to the public some of the time to share our inspiring places as playgrounds for curiosity, well-being and culture. The growing collection currently consists of the mayer manor (a peculiar mansion/also our hq), the secret chapel (our little church), the great barn (our rural retreat) and merel’s nook (our homey sanctuary). We invite you to share your ideas of how you wish to share our space on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


The Mayer Manor

The Mayer Manor is a peculiar manor. Located at Nes 116 among Amsterdam theatre district, the 250 m2 house is home to Tenclub’s muses and events. The building is divided into four floors and eleven rooms. Each room’s decoration is inspired by the Art Deco past.

In 2013, our beloved first born became open to the public for special events and sleepovers.


The Secret Chapel

The secret chapel is the most recent addition to the private mansions family. Located in a “hofje” (an almshouse) just behind rembrand square this historic relic is hiding in plain sight. As you enter the long alleyway and arrive to our door, you are greeted by a kitchenette with an entry to the altar. Look up above you from the cozy king sized bed bed doused in natural daylight to an 8-meter atrium with an ornate ceiling.


The Great Barn

A stylish and utterly unique location between amsterdam and utrecht located in the rustic area of baambrugge. An original old barn is renovated with authentic building materials in order to maintain the classic details tp bring together the raw beauty of the past.

The barn exudes authenticity, simplicity and class in a lavish and surreal setting.